Please Forgive Me!!! Volume 1: Pleased to Meet You!

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This very first volume of Please Forgive Me includes the first 2 chapters (comics 1-42), plus:

  • Exclusive extra 12-page comic!
  • Commentary for all comics by writer Josef Schwem
  • Extra art by Gob
  • Concept art by Grail

As an added bonus, when you order from this site, you will get:

  • A simple, custom, personalized doodle by Gob!
  • An exclusive Pasqualo print signed by Grail & Gob!

Custom doodle guidelines:

  1. Please keep the request simple. 2 characters max. 1 if they’re cosplaying as a non-Please Forgive Me/ It Hurts character, or if they’re not a PFM/IH character at all. Examples of simple requests: “Pasqualo and Ally fist bumping,” “Pasqualo dressed as Saitama from One Punch Man,” “Tubsy and Ally eating burgers.”
  2. No sex stuff, please. Just a personal preference. I understand that there is sometimes sex-related humor in the comics, but I prefer to avoid portraying any of my characters themselves as “sexy” in any way.
  3. No political stuff, please. This goes for political memes, or anything politics-related at all.
  4. No hateful stuff such as racism, homophobia, transphobia, or anything lame like that.

Shipping prices:

  • US – $8.50
  • Canada – $32
  • UK – $35
  • Australia – $42
  • Other zones – $45

Note: If you do not want the custom doodle or the print, this book is available on Amazon at a lower price: 


But if you DO want the cool stuff, please order below!

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This is the first volume of Please Forgive Me!!!

1 review for Please Forgive Me!!! Volume 1: Pleased to Meet You!

  1. Alejandro (verified owner)

    Exactly what I asked for and a cute bookmark to go with it. Have a great one!

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